A GROOM’S TALE Excerpt – Nous Venons D’ici (We Come from Here)

Retrouvailles, La Douleur Exquise; in French we say this for what would be a sentence in cold, old nail English. Retrouvailles is the happiness of meeting again after a long time away. La Douleur Exquise, it’s that perfect pain of wanting someone you can never have.” Gabriel, lighter, stronger, recomposed into himself, released us back … More A GROOM’S TALE Excerpt – Nous Venons D’ici (We Come from Here)


Seared; dizzy tired  in prickly clothes that stink of sweat  and rotting toes,  he bounced between the madness of  a hundred bugs about his throat  and something not quite conscious.     Sees brothers wasted,   hot rods racing;  making out with Rachael,  tastes icy beer.  She laughs till tearing,  dances to the Family Stone’s  bassy beats of heat in hasty   syncopated … More A SOLDIER’S SONG


You see the soul drips low down where the dirt holds and lip licks upside trees and rubs it’s scent up in the leaves so every bee passin’ flags its tale. In frets and waggles, tails a kites lets                                                     or a dragonfly drags, they sing out in trails of Halle-lu-jah stretches up, up to heaven’ … More QUIVER


Ben Fe played at praying,  Solemn virgin marble eyes vexed  Mounted high on stained glass vestiges,  waif-ish wraiths lost to his reckon.   Faith reprised, devotions dulled, spit in hooker mawkish passions. Plaid loud girls’ new brazened notions  whirl in pews with bloomers bared,  legs to beat down prison cares.   Knuckles pressed white, pew back … More A FEAST OF ALL SAINTS


  V1 She cries just a little – when you touch her heart She dreams of the morning- and a brand new start On the outside- for another try at life V2 She knows and she owns it But she can’t say why, Riding shotgun – Life driving wild No more “if only’s” If only … More BY THE MINUTE


(for audio: https://www.reverbnation.com/dwaynestromain/song/29955376-the-haunting-reverbnation-srx) It’s a wonderful life That fled the scene Of his last forgotten gift; He drifted. Feeling sorry for himself, Feeling sorry for the hell he fell in. Then he reached for the shelf Where his dusty dreams rested; Grabbing through them when he finally tried. Sighed and focused on his body floating. Lying, … More THE HAUNTING


I worship at the church of you.   Inside you all that’s holy lives. Inside us, breaths of God’s the wind That swoop in loops of surfing gusts. Gentle sweeps of Palouse brush through sunray locks, Slight strokes on cheeks and eyes that speak To know we rock the frequencies That tie the cosmos in … More SPIRIT WILD


  I make shit up I don’t know, I had complicated relationships; Mama, she was so much more than her drinking. The love of God as Love she was. Love?   Never touch The stuff; should I croak, The rest, impatient writhing chaos, Puffed, tokes, smoke blown, Kiln kissed casks of glass Crashed against an … More BUS BENCH LISTEN


(commemorating the Deepwater Horizon disaster 20 April 2010) Dawn in a river mouth roadside diner Freshens the “used to be” town of Port Sulphur. His spoon clanged, a metronome Swinging like Krupa. Deeply creamed chicory coffee swirling Mirrored his joyful complexion, Quite weathered, Looking like sixty but sure ten years older. A half pint flask … More MISTER EUGENE